About us

For years we have informed thousands of polish about newest developments from the world of technology and transhumanism.

Association in the few years of it's formal and informal activity created a strong society of few thousand people greatly interest in newest technologies

As a result of our social media activity, and thanks to a series of our debates and conferences, we are building a brand of one of the most interesting centers of debate around Artificial Intelligence, bioethics and human augmentation.


Whats new


We desire chaning the world and human condition for the better.

Biology, medicine and information technologies march forward, and so should the world. Our mission is to bring this change closer to Polish citizens and Poland, so they would as well reap the fruits and benefits of these technologies, to live a better and longer lifes.


Here's how we operate

Partnership and networking

We cooperate with homeland and international partners, build expertise network and collect best practices in implementing publicly beneficial technologies

Discussions and conferences

We take part in countryand international conferences, as well as organising our own meetings, conferences and debates.


Several times a year we are meeting in Krakow to learn about human body biomodifications and newest trends on that matter.


Pryivate and as association we are lobbying for solutions regarding public adminsitration and healthcare, which will help achieve our mission of improving quality of life of people in Poland.


Our members create a great number of work and articles, both in popular press as well as academic researches which allow to spread our ideas further into broader society.

Managing human resources

We're informing our supporters about interesting job opportunities, within which they might best use their skills and knowledge for the betterment of the world.


Would you like to join us? Do you represent an organization interest in cooperating with us? Write us!